Love In Sin

I’ve never felt so loved
dear by your piercing stab;
makes mountains move
and the sky not so drab.

The colors they fly up
into the highest realm.
Watch the night creep in
I do see now a release.

Into the night all cease
this type of condition I’m
a fiction in paradise I’ll
commit minor crime.

Put it not past me here
in this state that exudes it.
I am pain and I try deep
for someplace to rest, fit.

My love I have written
about you a million times
and the crimes are getting
me to where I am blind.

Blind should I love you?
Yes I should I know I do.
All of the insanity and odd
things I can see through.

This way has melt my heart
and I’ve become something
I don’t know exactly how
I could ever try to explain.

I’m going to trust my heart,
leap into the azure painting
that has me grab for a drug
that has my body fainting.

The stars shine for me tonight
and I am welcome to think
the thoughts I do even though
I find myself on the brink.

I can cry mercy so many times
I love it do it to me girl mine
is a place I know your safe
and smile a smile divine.

I want to know you smile
I want to know the miles
I have spent on these trials
I have made my own pile.

I’m going to brush the dirt
off my chin because my love again
has grasped my pain and hurt
and knows how to love in sin.

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