While With The Lord I Fight

I came to baptize my lands
in paradise flames they rise
to the shock of the blind they
see healed by Christ’s surprise.

Miracle upon miracle bestows
us a chance to heal our wounds.
I have traveled many miles I’ve
seen many different moons.

The one I know best is gone
into oblivion I find myself in
a cruel aspect jotting rhymes
in an empty dark room again.

The virgin eyes of mine I blind
needed a miracle let me be Lord.
Take all my fancy things Christ
strike off my head with a sword.

I’ve loved the Devil and her sins
where mine met hers bled thin.
I crawl back under these sheets
and wish warmth again of skin.

At least I dined in the night of
dread fed by all stories of right
and wrong feel like a drab song
played while with the Lord I fight.

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