Push (Redux)

Tried forever to relate
to most of most people.
Alive in this room now I
feel not so feeble.

Propt by a spirit flying.
Lifted up by eyes prying,
I’ll enjoy this levity calm
free of all vice and lying.

We’ll find the great earth
there is a common end
to joy and happy moments;
let’s not ignorantly pretend.

I want the holy time
to hear and recognize
truth versus all haze
found in viscious lies.

Push forward outward push
I feel the circle levitate fill
this cup of a forlorn elixir,
no drop please do not spill.

Suggest scars run away
in victory so self-aware.
People I prefer to them
prosper and never care. 

No fault or blame
no crude dispersions,
to anyone above me
see me as I try govern.

Push forward push I do
I pursued feel past grab.
So I scoff a few words
as if mad science in a lab.

No answer do I know
though I’ve been where
they go I know so I care
for those in despair.

Take me over the corner
the ever festered path
of weak men who went;
I’m back feel my wrath.

Chapters of confused cast
onto a field of sweet roses red.
Join the jubilee to set free see
capsules of dread spread.

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