As We Suffer

I use to go out at night
but at my age I need other
things in my life tonight I
won’t bother you suffer.

I want your intimacy so
let me in my friend love
ours had to be made from
what is up high above.

The night I flew through
gave me powers made
of things I never knew to
fill my hand with spades.

I want closeness and calm,
decency and a kind heart.
For mine is withering from
this world it will depart.

No games for you dear
while I am here I hold near
all the kind words clear
that have echoed in my ear.

Yet I can’t no I won’t ever
take your love or crucify
what you have had weather;
you just got a raw die.

Used to go out at night
so I know dirty little tricks
that will make you love me
then turn around and quit.

Who are we fooling fools
we are in a state may relate
to those who suffer more
than I care to try debate?

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