When We Collide

A rose up to the sky

calls an eye to pry.

Little doves that cry

are in short supply.

Touch is a myth but

between our derision

all else it is just false

balled up in fiction.

Collide do we snide

and all is left to pride

that we defend decide

love’s a coaster ride.

Who is the victor in

this battle we chose?

No time for apologies

assume we do a rose.

Let not the heavens

look down upon you

when the stories grave

turn out to be true.

Be scared in oblivion

and walk full force

will our egos so logic

from it you’ll divorce.

My hand it reaches,

a preacher preaches,

an eternity it collides

while life it teaches.

Fiction feels so true

in moments of bliss

but life with you is so

just easily dismissed.

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