I’m a survivor in your grip,
that which I can not mend,
has me taxed in treachery
I want to touch not pretend.

You’ve got a noose on me,
you’ve got me at your mercy.
Lead me to your avenue
and river for I am thirsty.

Bend I will but not break
down I will learn to move.
I feel the tension but I am
but a man and I learn too.

Now and forever I’ll beat
like a great industry calamity
I try block out quick so I
can truly smoothly breathe.

Lead me onward I am flesh
pitch boil and rip me a fever
has me melt down break me
does the weight of the cleaver.

Bury deep in my skin
again the sin it is in me.
The sin is so deep it seeps
through pores it’s a seed.

The story is a clever spear
and I’ll be the receiver
in the end of this tale in a
high pitch hell fever.

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