People different change

then don’t in some ways.

How many times has it

just been another phase?

Equal are equations fixed

and the stars they change.

Reason and logic do seem

at times not really sane.

So let’s break the barriers,

let us think altered states

to ponder where a mind

wonders or decision makes.

Kiss fools evoke their joy,

take a soul on a journey,

make this life its own value;

pursue the greed the money.

Your creed defines time

and it will meet winds that

blow east then westward

your decisions will combat.

Virtue is rare and not just

a word used for fancy friend.

We think not when we should

and all things they will end. 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Yes, Virtue, the speck in the eye of Creator’s fancy,
    inspiring influence on all the specks, until we sparkle.

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