An Ill Pill

I know the sky is dark
as I move forward my mark
is fed through shade an arc
has broken in my heart.

I know I need aid I need
and I can’t be the steed
of something in life I plead
for my fancy to breed.

I know the fight for life
in needless and aimless strife
living on the edge of a knife
is an ill pill of the will I strive.

Excel this will I will this pill
for as I said I grow so ill
as my emotions and me spill
what may happen may will.

I need no needless restraint
I just feel critical and faint
as my body breaks I feel taint
does this life once it was great.

Ever forward go my foe
this darkness I will make it go
at night to back and forth so
I’ll in my slumber grow.

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