Weakly Fair

I follow lines curves
strength be to me see
I bleed and seethe be
genuine plant a seed.

Forlorn capable sorry
my dark haired child.
Stir victory champion
you are of the wild.

Never leave me there
you and I prepared
for the sustaining stare
that says you care.

I dream of a day close
where I bid to propose
a simple touch dear I’ll
hand you this red rose.

Take my hand pierce it
and turn me into sinner
where the best of us is
some primordial winner.

Take my eyes take me
soaring tattered plains.
Where the surface is so
disturbed by the rains.

Injured and made dust
I am my dear love dear us
is a word I hold dear close;
in us I will always trust.

I know it’s never been
the way I have tried hold
you before my love I know
a truth and you I’ve told.

My undiminished soul
my uncompromised idea
has turned treason reason
is gone and I see you.

What have you done love?
What have you wrought?
The things I’ve loved once
now I have them forgot.

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