No Darkness Anymore


Talk a little walk a little
soon to be so damn fine.
That little thing we had
with fuel we’ll combine.

I know the places turn
inside me so peacefully
in my tried and truly
I need you so very fully.

The lies they shred me,
what your life has led.
Feed me by way of a spoon
silver stained blood I’m fed.

Ease my shattered soul
to capture my ransom pain.
Pain stains a blade handsome
then sometimes it rains.

I know we can talk deep
laugh and volley a rapport
that leaves us no darkness,
no darkness my love anymore.

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  1. Amazing Homeschooling (Stunning) says:


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      1. Amazing Homeschooling (Stunning) says:

        I followed your blog,

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      2. J.Michael says:

        Thank you for the follow. I’ll keep it tame.

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