The Night

Feels like a tear I fear
has crept and I appear
fine but the wine wears
still I remain sincere.

I have seen the night
I have seen all the blight
I have seen the mean
and the night is fright.

But I move ever forward
it is what I know I am it
a creature of a machine
and I have my own habits.

Love this cocoon oh you
I think of you you are moon
and the night it tries hard
to grab us and consume.

I can find myself there
I can be the knight shine
little star of my eyes I
fear for you in the night.

There the little rats asps
hide in the night’s grasp
that rips at the facade of
beauty in you I want last.

Fight to fuel yourself watch
the eyes and see the soul
and know I know the night
and I you so take control.

Fear not there is hope
I have seen hell and I dispel
that you can go there fell
is the night all you I’ll tell.

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