Wine Required

Flex through I’m askew
with words I should be few.
Pierce revel the steel that
bears guns in shielded views.

Direct your bullshit inward
disregard it from anyone son
I know the devil and words
with him I have had some.

I know a pain deeper than all
those mountains so very tall
and I don’t know what else I
can do before I just stop fall. 

But I bear down and find love
in a dark chasm of my heart
to share with a friend who might
when I am down take part.

A hand in the night under stars
that have seen the flame of
all the pieces blood and scars
that harbor my love like a dove.

I’ll slam down the differences
think things I knew I know now
that might conflict I convict out
and an embrace can show how.

I’ll pray as the verses go to my
brain through veins I am sane
only to myself can I try remain
true and to myself I can be vain.

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