Crucible of flesh of my arm

I place in your soft hands dear.

I will change for you I swear

the old me will just disappear.

You don’t know the chasms

I’ve been down the street feet

mine bleed I have felt a heat.

Destroy this toy I call a heart

even if it needs to be discreet.

I can’t travel this world girl I

try and your memory keep.

Don’t let me wander in dark

where there I prepare to dare

think my love was unrequited

and I was to be left in despair.

Take this paper and this pen

svelte is felt I guess I impress

the rest of my best guess I try

write how much love I confess.

My lonely stature is a fracture

you see in the distance let go.

Walk approach me see please

my heart will always you know. 

My days are in a haze and I cry

with ink threaded under my skin

that the crucifix disfigured late in

my life will ever wear so thin.

My name honor has been treaded

lead me forward take my blood

from my veins insane I try contain

tears flowing like some flood.

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