Following the stars I shy
at the cry of a tear in eyes
yours as I try just survive
the stormy frightful lies.

You are a swarm emotion
drips from your lips I miss
the simple little small kiss
that sends me away adrift.

Why would you say your
heart bleeds just for me?
When you know you are
a cold swath of raging sea?

This moment for you I
wish I could calm alarm to
take your hand land me true
so I can love you to soothe.

So let the sky bleed sorrow
for your truth is gone now.
I am no longer strength in
your words or your vows.

I can’t look at the heavens,
why has it tortured me so?
I have not wished harm not
on anyone or damned a soul.

Tell me what it is that clings
to the back of your mind?
Why can’t you pursue truth,
leave all the lies far behind?

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