Murderer Of Love

Love consumes the empty

for they starve from below

the fake smiles and eyes

that show their broken soul.

Value I do the low fumes;

I can be my own coach.

To pull myself up in a haze

real but love I try approach.

I’m going to light fire watch

me twiddle my own thumb

as I coddle a heart so warm

while my own I try to numb.

Time after time I analyze

my situation that is so dire.

But as my age passes by I

cease calling the past a liar.

Listening to lovers tunes

it makes me feel so mad

that within my reach I loved

but my story became sad.

I want the sun and moon

all things I want consumed.

My heart and mind not mine;

on love’s island marooned.

Take me for a ride dear

I am amazed it is me help be

the voice of reason inside

my brain so I might see.

Take me for a ride dear

I am amazed it is me

that makes you more you

for I am so incomplete. 

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