One Thing In This Flame…

Roses have poses
stoic lie they’ll do.
I bring one sparks
into flame’s sinews.

Have a truce love
all your demons in
the Bible find their
way under a skin.

Moment of madness,
a time being mean,
a lie to get ahead it
is still a lie seen.

Manifest the vest
you where to keep lit
the light without you
being burned by it.

You are a trivial trite
thing in my eyes I spy
something evil spawn
division a soul wry.

Don’t invoke the devil
for despite your loss
blowing up this room
our rapport there’s cost. 

Keep the devil back
or let him loose baby.
Lately I have not being
feeling good so lately.

Make this fall down
quick jump fast calm
an inferno dear I douse
with the flat of palm.

See my power stronger
for the truth is easy
for me to remember;
a lie not so completely.

Be the girl I loved true
and it’ll come together.
We’ll defeat the great feat
and weather the weather.

Let me be him sharp
let me be him harken up
a flame or two I slay night
and rip up us enough.

Be the dove I love I am
a simple man do this thing
for me my dear please
lies no more bring. 

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