Dear little girl of my world
how tender your light kindles
the flames the trains of thoughts
and sweetness that dwindles.

Caroline fine shines divine
in a line the sun it shines find
I do to everything the world has
to it I am numb I become blind.

Turn away your face you did
the other day away you went
down the hall with derision fall
of my soul did and down I went.

Your uncle is failure tortured
by a blackness the sun’s gone.
I want to tell you in the world
when you were born was song.

Your sun is sharp sword cool wind
blows in your hair on a steed fast.
My love eternal through spheres
of atmospheres will forever last.

Child the world is cold and I
a weak piece of this vicious cycle
am a part of something beautiful
and then sometimes icey icicles.

Be the beast the strength inside
you and your mother are you two
know the sun’s strength to turn
this earth in this vastness of blue.

I reach for the sea and it runs
away from me and I chase after.
I want to quit but your light brings
a light that gives heart laughter.

For C & C

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