A Wish Of Gentle Drifts

I’m sorry for the trips
to the edge of the horizon.
I usually never thought it
but last night I tried them.

Those little pills that kill
I took several to be certain
the reality I was to face was
to be behind a hazy curtain.

I tread and I trail onward
fast and slow I go true fast
is a world I want ascertain
the truth of my pasts gash.

Run into the moon at edged
sharp cutting corner hyper
is my mood my blood runs
for this life is hard to cipher.

But I will take this ill pill
to overdose my endorphins
are running at full pace race
face is a trace I’m morphing.

Hit the split the crack of all
my chaos found at the door
of sanity has me bleed see be
the hand lead me to the floor.

Dance is verse a curse grips
so I can’t turn hips anymore.
The floor take me there show
me your visions to explore.

Your way is fine and wine is
so good for our best virtues.
I’m sorry mother but I never
intended to ever hurt you.

The pills they lead me to black
where blinders are on to all
that falls in the hall my appall
dies when some sounds call.

I want to dance and dream of
a real world I can try touch.
I want this new feeling of us
romancing to last very much.

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