Not sleeping silently secret
visions they run over me.
Willing to surrender fast to
a plane of the raging seas.

Off into the night I travel
my feet rest soft in my bed.
My ears they open for you
so that my comfort is fed.

What will there be tonight?
Pondering I stay well tended.
My laughter it is abundant
and my smile not pretended.

Know your hearts precipice
to climb ever easy a smile
helps forget the fog frailty
makes us seek an ear awhile.

Our manners and methods
let us volley as people do.
Let us become enlightened
into a state of mind true.

A trance a drift it will call
ever peacefully wicked way
of a man’s soul I can’t yet
in bed erase all past days.

Tell me teach me strike me
dead Father if I have failed.
A man once bled now dead
perfect hands were nailed.

Dreams I can share let us;
dreams our exchange makes
me squash words spoken raw,
I become what I don’t hate.

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