Brittle is the bend
in the light my sin
can get under skin;
bring thrill again.

Follow falsely flow
does time long ago
where we did know
where the joy goes.

Make creases come
in my cloth in sun
that warms this one
man who is done.

I want to push speed
of my all my need
is where I try bleed
my ego driven creed.

The sky is still blue
and I can do for you
what I need do for you
to recede your blues.

Take my choice a path
to the end where math
tells us we will all last
past all of our wrath.

I need a pain not now
nor ever this is my how
as at the moon I howl
my solemn sudden vow.

No more drug for this
line for liquor or kiss
that would take all this
bliss that I can’t miss. 

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