Fiery Fits

Our fire doesn’t blaze anymore
so anger blaze takes over the floor.
Your confused destruction tore
my structure spiteful some more.

I remember what you said fine
I will be full of light ablaze spine.
My bones will burn to ash find
me upon an alter hand have wine.

Burn this damn place the ground
at the blood upon which I found
that I spilled my own not drowned
for the holy tunes found a sound.

Just spill tears for me dear I fear
that the end of time of us is near.
Don’t want the tender time clear
is the end of this flame we did rear.

Blue ocean tides rise in bliss in glee
flowing ever lovely across the sea.
The cold and warm births life see
the joy the life this globe can bring.

Feel the wind rise in hair over skin
that brings us together we are kin.
Think me not forgot I feel a lot in
my precious heart I feel now again.

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