On The Brink

I guess I was confounded
pounded by a drum of chaos
but my sense gone I bleed for
best thoughts that are lost.

My mind remembers slow
things that I ought to know.
I try think of myself in time
as age grips me and I’m old.

I want the gasoline all over
the floor which I intend burn.
For the things I enjoy in life
came in privilege not earned.

Harbor do they who watch
me fall down this hole deep.
Yet close they know not of
secret vices alone I do keep.

Still I’ve got a word or two
to say to this life passing by.
Each face I see I almost know
by heart all their holy lies.

That’s why I want an inferno
to tear down all that I think.
For my mind needs be reset
for my mind is on the brink.

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