Memories In Linen


Common sense cost me fine
here now I see you and see
that the breeze upon I flow
is birthed rapid from the sea.
Take me I am captured so
open in the divides of mind
that I have discovered there
is between sanity a fine line.
Know I do the wrap of arms
the smell of fresh linen grab
me at my soul flesh feels so
warm in this place so sad.
Listen to music a symphony
plays in your memory soft.
I am a ship set to sail course
and pray I am not too far off.
This year has past and I cry
at the brittle memories gone.
Yet I get I forget the best thing
sometimes is to leave a song.
Shall I float up away in air
filled up with smoke flumes?
It’s called realities aware of
all those passing perfumes.
I know of what’s going on so
around me I quarrel not quick.
Cement sets fast in the soul
when control runs so thick.
So I find my center and I rest
in this bed a warm solid love
was a heartbeat away for me;
now it is a thing I dream of. 
Shall I live in misery no I won’t
for there is a hope in my hope
that the day found another way
for me to stand strong to cope.

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