Rhythmic Blissful Truth

Destroy the sunlight
so we can raise our blaze.
Into the shadows I creep;
your look doesn’t phase.

I want the load the heavy
so I might walk alone deep
in thought of what I know
since first we did meet.

Ours is a love in and out
of the dark I have doubt
that I might survive you
without a scream a shout.

I’ve prepared my throne
that has turned to ash.
I’ve ripped the sheets for
when I turn to whip to lash.

The gash I intend to wear
will remind I am blind.
The sting I feel is real and
in my pain still you I find.

My mind has treachery
my home is not my own.
So all the worship dear it
drips blood at my throne.

Tender tears of virtue
I remember solely from you.
Who has healed pain away
in rhythmic blissful truth.

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