In The Loaded Gun

Do you know what it’s like
when I dispense real might
in the loaded gun unloaded
making all selfish the right.

I am greedy and am the idol
of many a man of evil intent.
Even hell shall find me now
here I am of an evil portent.

But I now slide to your side
and keep the beat of my feet
ever gently touch ground;
I try walk this lonely street.

I want to look like you be
this chasm of my realm sea.
Break me down fall burn tall
was my frame tall like a tree.

Strong grow and I live wild
above the shit beneath mistake  
after mistake is the foundation
that keeps me from the fake.

I know your lips they taste
like rose honey sweet lipstick.
I have fallen for every book
translation and inside trick.

So take it easy on my soft side
let me lead myself calm to
the side of calm waters brief
where I can confess all is true.

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