Love Of The Devil

I see the devil and she is beauty.
I see the death of myself as duty.

My dear I dissapear so conived.
For a blackness in my beauty lied.

I guess I’ll play the fool I’m shy
when the world’s chaos is awry.

I’ll follow my black angel of death;
for sky is torn to a preacher I confess.

He turned his head and said son
lonely times is logic and reason.

Still the chaos beckons forth kiss
me does my lady say I do her miss.

So I motion my lips to empty air
and into the void I shall stare.

My love distant is gone and sour
because over me she lost her power.

The demon may be gone but here
the place where she lived is near.

Thank you Son Of Man my Father;
God has had many led to slaughter.

But I am saved I am clearly healed.
My love for the devil needed revealed.

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