All I was given was
and is a part of art
that I tried to learn
in my broken heart.

Vanquish the devil,
told I was needful,
grip a grave grave
shove in the needle.

Pierce me with idle
hands I made light
as a feather all pain
and found a delight.

The heaven that still
made me make a pill
kill all for my thrill is
more than I can feel.

My pulse is pounding
needing a narcotic I’ll
pound this liquor fast
until I reach my denial.

Forgo the simple love
I show to others I help
you feel wanted but I
take a joyride myself.

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    1. J.Michael says:

      Thank you very much 🖤🖤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Always welcome my friend 🖤


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