My Callused Feet

Funny face turned me away
and I fell in love so quickly.
I feel my feet solid build in it
a foundation concrete thickly.

Soon I will erode and rot too
like a person who is a baboon
I’ll swing from in the room lit
is light my cigar I preach soon.

Strike my fancy I’ll tell a tale
of love pure and I will compel
to sell all my wares and wells
to whomever them I can sale.

Find me I’ll be ablaze speed
need for this crux swing lofty.
Sip my wine I do nightly dear
and every morning my coffee.

Acidic trip in the valley of love
tell me what you think I am
and then stop my love to teach;
actions as we as humans can.

I can’t stop from loving you so
I think I’ll fall upon the brink
of where sanity has left me and
what you think my head thinks.

You see you think you have me
figured turns out I’m shrewd.
Love you I do but sometimes I
harbor not such a happy mood.

I love you in the night and day
and in the rivers I will soft beat
gently across the floor happiness
with my cold callused bled feet.

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