Grace Of My Love

Drifting down the window
is a film of water steam
that ruminates drifting in
and out of my own dream.

I want to travel down by
the edge of the wild wood
where the monsters stay
at bay they always should.

You’re a gift from the plain
west I know so little of.
Yet pour down does a vial
of a liquid thick as if love.

What is in this container
that fell down window dew
collected steam from out
of the eyes morning drew.

Morning of my soul lifts
my borders let cross all
invaders I am going to just
enjoy the blissful fall.

I’ll never love another so
much as I do you dear I’m
up flying in the clouds I’m
flying up in the sky divine.

Collect I will where I will
upon the rapid beat heat
collects me to your lovely
solid built lovely strength.

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