My Own Miracle

I believe in miracles and I found one.
Astute I may be at times but I’m undone.

Maybe the sun dried the blood from
the moon and melted my ice kingdom.

I know you love me and I know love true.
I know all is vanquished by your moves.

So I go with the flow I sip my wine drew
in my hand stand I’ll fall under sky blue.

This mystery of mystified mystics are
my friends who’ve traveld from so far.

We search the sky I am king of a star;
it is my realm where black will not mar.

I am there for I have risen off my feet.
The sun is my folly for I burn in heat.

Never before have I loved dearly clear
where a beacon searches all I hold dear. 

Never have I seen such beauty and duty
come to me to provide all I can to suit me.

I want the world whimsy has my whim
and I feel warmth even in cold wind.

The beacon of her soul is for me alone
where it guides me to make me a throne.

Her love elevates me up into sunlight
where the moon no longer owns night.

I sit troubled I sit astutely aware fast
that my reign it never could ever last.

So I thank the god and his challace cup,
where sun is no more and stars blow up.

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