Deformed in paradise for
knowing what was known
to dictate my fate for me;
still thrive you’ve shown.

But I’ll travel this path for
ever as my feet they bleed.
May the Lord have mercy
on all that I now call need.

So contort your face grow
eat the rodents that fester
in all that is dirty and sick
to be king and me a Jester.

I’ll entertain your requests
to see if the devil in you lept
from the depths of a heart;
I want to see what is left.

Bite at my heel and I’ll heal
hopefully one day soon fast.
My memory will fade in dust
but yours all speak to gasp.

Guess you have a purpose too
but mine I struggle so daily
I will ask my loved ones if I
have made them proud lately.

Cunning you were born you
but I’ve had to learn caution.
I fall I fail I cry and hurt deep
until my coffin I’ll cry often.

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