Respite In Rivers

Baby I see the bleed
profuse I search me
from the dawn of my
river you can see.

Now and then I tell
myself I am well now.
But I’m not I need it;
the truth in your vow.

I discover I sail for all
those who slip I can fall
for the simplest thing I
can in dark withdraw.

But the light of dawn
takes me far from where
I slip I drip words I slip
on things I am unaware.

You reveal truth and it’s
the lifeline I need forever.
To face the dark and cold
tumult found in weather.

I need care you know it,
the pit of my own despair.
But the waves in curls in
your hair make me stare.

The dawn has nothing on
you because you’re ablaze
with warmth and natural
words to me you do say.

I’m dieing but suture do
your ways and I’m dazed
by your flow and power
put in me I’m so amazed.

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