The Grateful Dead

I fell down upon grass,
soft as if a feather I fell.
Arrange me does nature
as I sleep under its spell.

The Lord has told me,
as I was brought herein,
unto the fold of life now
go born again free of sin.

I want to cry grateful
tears and keep together
the company of angels who
look down on me forever.

Born again to be born
in a wilderness wild I’ll
take this spot in the grass;
though pain I will smile.

My energy uplifts me I
walk as Lazarus reborn
under the black of night
and earth’s raging storm.

Bring me from the dirt
Lord I feel I am blessed.
My spot upon the earth
is cursed so it I address.

My sounds rise and lift
as air flowing up away.
Reverberate does hate
so in this life I will pray.

Thankful I am for food
and thankful for a bed
that I rest in nightly for
the earth turns in dread.

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