Drowned Saddness Down

Take us a ride we three
educated segregated coup
drown our sorrows down;
injure the room’s mood.

The shades are drawn
and the room isn’t lit well.
I welcome the embrace
then I suffer my own hell.

Snuff out the want love,
if you want to know me
rage out does a blaze in
the deep blue vast sea.

We ride at dawn take us
to the reaches of madness
where we left behind all
that left us the saddness.

Can I be thorough in my
fancied feast upon this
trip I try and take make
I do all the saddness bliss?

I’m not focused in disease
that rots those I knew.
For alone I’ll be soon and
alone here in this room.

Focused upon me excite
does that which I don’t think
that leads me down paths
where I drown it with drink.

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