I Hide & I Love

I know I’m a buzz kill;
the tune in your head
plays onward it’s okay
I’ll think of me instead.

How I feign at the sight
of your glorious light
is a miracle for all kind
notions I used to fight.

But I give up a conflict,
I’m a part of my whole
doubt I bring to you I
have now hope in soul.

Go forward my friend
whom I cherish greatly.
Forget my childish ways
I’ve felt younger lately.

My broken soul disarray
is common for my way
now as I press for you
words friends can say.

I need to be me I love
you in so many words
that I reach for now all
is from that which hurts.

But I can be a beacon
for the truth in my soul
that soothes my pain at
your eyes which console.

All I need know is that
I have a feeling or two
showing what I try hide
and love I have for you.

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