Dancing With A Flame

I was adrift in a nexus blind,
connected and in part not
to that which would tear apart
I saw an eye glance my way.

In this blindness I’ve been
for quite some time and now
there is a joyous tune shivering
in peril that burned for me.

It was a look and smile lit
by the stars in the night I walk.
The night consumes me and it
crashed a smile beyond beauty.

Blind I have been seeing raw.
Blind I have been seeing nothing
but my own expectations.
Still my love shivers in the black.

I know her strong and demure
and have her in my mind always.
Her pain is in the dark and we
danced in a flame together.

So mind me not over here.
I write things my eyes sincere.
Bring me a douse of lager dear
to quench this flame that appears.

I know a flame and we danced
we did in the night and laughed.
My love in me is true and I
have loved none as much as I have.

She is a flame in the cosmos
atop the clouds beyond reach.
No sermon could bring her comfort
praise is a practice preached.

She burns so brightly sincere
and honest in her beliefs.
My God I would follow her
flame to abstain and feel relief.

– For Brooke



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