Apple Of My Eye

Slick the salt tell me
the world is raw I’m fond.
Let’s shoot the dark
until the sun rises dawn.

Grab a liquor torch
this bullshit that spews you
when that beer comes
until the morning dew.

I got a thing for love
that I found in my bed
when I wasn’t looking I
found meds for my head.

I ate fine love and it
found the bend in me soft.
I drank fine wine and it
has my arm draw taught.

Throw the sun up light
the dew at your expense.
Clear the language out of
the way let love commence.

Take me my love let
the doves raise a grave stay
so we may teach the devil
how he may try behave.

Now there is love here
I may jump the gun for fun.
Now there is love here
I might enjoy rain on a run.

When the day is over
and all end I have to say I
pray that you are here,
the apple of my eye.

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