I want to love like a child
new and born loved always.
Watch me now as those I
love how they do phase.

I just love to love love.
I want a home in this low. 
Broken home I have but
you know who I am though.

Only love for love will
take this body and give thrill
from the head to the feet
all from a very little pill.

I know something is wrong
as does the world we all do.
When the thunder rains
wash the mountain does dew.

So let out your frustration
and yell atop of your lungs.
The best of ourselves it is a
song that is almost sung.

Love me like a place warm
that gives rest to your head.
Confuse me not I love you
beyond what you can be fed.

Discover and learn yearn I
burn with a fire I’ll always
be right in a moment and
in time become its slave.

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