Edge Of The Blade

Well I can continue
down the path of loving you.
I do and I care sweet dove
we complete a story true.

I’m a vat of all I combat
so don’t throw stones please.
I am a simple man and I
fall deep upon my knees.

Leave the death behind,
rush on the edge of blade not.
My love will always burn
red and forever will be hot.

The black it tortures
cutting me I am a statue
after all of the ways you
have touched me I look at you.

You know I love you I’ve
slid on the edge of the blade.
The courtesies well they
eventually will fade away.

I want to know your soul
at the bottom all the tangles.
When I look in your eyes a
world turns you’re an angel.

Simple you are colorful
with your words I love serious.
At the edge of the blade you’ve
been with the fast and furious. 

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