I Know This Day

My heart hurts
a pain I have yet felt.
The doomsday we
all look for it is dealt.

My life is torn
black is my sky above.
For the weakened eye is
mine and I cry love.

But the day is stoned
enough as it is I try to try
to collect the dreams
that later will fall from eyes.

Mine they are falling
down the storm drain feign
the remains of the day;
memories I need to be sane.

I need a frustrated song
to play in the background.
The need and speed to be
a bullet with no sound. 

I want to drift alone in
a group of hands for sin
but I got trapped in my
head and need her again. 

She who is past and gone,
a memory she knows deep
and tries to escape in fog
the things that I keep.

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