Art Of The Dark

I want fly above the sun
and bring light in the valley
where I may hide now in
the corrupt recesses low.
Tell me what I can not do
I will pierce face of God
in the pink patina in the sky
I will fly up into the divide.
I want to be your sweet lips
you turn to in your despair.
The world turns falling I do
and I repair what I can love.
My world was dark pitiful
and I pacified with the dark.
I see now the glistening light
in the night there is art.
I want to kiss the moon
I want to shuttle through space.
I need the beauty the weight
removed I need sweet release.
I need the night I know
myself there and I can relate
to the mercy of cool earth
and run free with my mind.
The day over is a gift
and while I’m breathing my
breath I will live like
tomorrow is my last.
I know the dark I need it
for there it is night and I
can examine in calm from
the day and peace supply.

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