Acute Vein

What have you done,
you slave to no one?
The ballast it was off
the voyage a doldrum.

Sprites and fairies fly
in a land healthy milk
rears a child but life it
is made of an evil ilk. 

A Bible pacifies a word
from above teaches us
calm but we’re of a lust
and we decay in rust.

Shall I thank you Angel
as you’ve watched me?
This wolfed asp of man;
I am a ship out to sea.

Take me my Astral star
and show me a good God.
I have shaken hands with
the devil he finds me odd.

What to do with me I’ll
sweat bullets I’ll obsess.
I see all in my sight and
I can get you in a guess.

My dear Angel hold me,
take away my acute vein.
I want all away to stay
but you my angel remain.

Don’t cry at my death I’ll
bleed eternally soon after.
It’ll have been some time
since I’ve heard laughter.

Your smile is simple all
fall in line I am so sorry.
Throw rubble upon me
make me a rock quarry.

What have you done say
now you slave to no one,
to me I put you under an
eye disparate I’m undone.

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