At Play In The Day

Work my day hours
has me at my ends.
The mighty dollar it
a firm message sends.

For the fun of my fill
my belly tells a tale.
So I find myself to try
and myself compel.

I tell myself at the end
of every day I can rest.
So my tolerance to a
wine I put to the test.

Whimsy judgement
frustration go away.
I make my inner me
see I made out today. 

I wrap around the sun
tight arms that I lock
fingers around and I am
my own night clock.

Versions of me I cling
to this small little thing
when by she does swing
a beautiful sight bring.

I wait for her eyes in day
where I work and play
I remain a vat some clay
with words some to say.

I know of a note maybe
I can to vitally breathe.
I am a man I bleed I see
her bring out a better me.

Struggle does my strength,
stay at bay I love looks.
I love the story unfolding
and I write in our book.

The melody I sing flies
in the realm my inner guise
leave it I hope a surprise
every day I see her eyes.

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