Born Again

A brook of water
calm and gentle
spreads joy bliss
so sentimental.

Trees sing to true
blue skies birds
calm nerves but
don’t use words.

The walls call to
me to subside rest
my true comfort
beats in my chest.

I can be cold
the world it turns.
The world let it
soothe yearn.

Let the forest free
of all the machines
be removed all
in its vicinity.

The world it cries,
don’t cry too love!
Conquer winds see
victory dreamed of.

Find melodies true
find them inside you
where versions new
in you they grew.

All can comply,
the apple an eye,
I saw and I did try
and for you I’ll die.

Now step into sun,
feel the rays of warm
looks from the room
caress you to adorn.

I feel the same in
this room yet again
that rose soft skin
felt a grand grin. 

Cheeks rose color
warm from another,
greet me as a lover,
or rather as no other.

Answer me my love
as your voice a drug
fills me so suddenly; 
a hole no longer dug.

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