Above Hell

I fall again into dismay
this placebo takes away.

Your beauty is beautiful
and your duty dutiful.

Never leave or tease me
and I’ll be the one I can be.

But I’ll die into the vine
upon this flask of wine.

I know I am not sober
but time makes me it over.

I’m educated life’s not fair
but I know I do give a care.

There is a place I know well
take me up high above hell.

My thoughts you absorb
the light that had its orb.

The destiny of a guy loved
sometimes is an arm shoved.

Raw into the nerve stain
does the hurt and the pain.

You dove love is a gift lift
your hand in my ash rifts.

Give me substance dear
and remove all my fear.

I don’t want to ever return
to what the drink earns.

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