Crows My Angels

I’m so happy because
I received a reprieve
of all I hold dear deep
seek me you thief.
Fly away now my
sword is shedding good
light in its sheen where
I cleaved you’ve stood.
You told me I’m stern;
a boy of some age I recall.
I hear your words
repeat in my ear fall.
Son I want you to
feel my wrath you ass.
Son of this branch
you fell far down fast.
I know the briars
they congest my fear.
I lie in waste far
and I’m addled near.
The world turns it
yields none a fancy feast
where the sun doesn’t
shine on the same deceased.
Problem is I loved
and the wind heard me.
And I fell quick to rise fast
carry me off this release.
I can not make it hear
alone my angel whispers.
I listen and hear you,
my God’s great resistor.
But this light feather
feeling fine is fairy tale.
But it I can burn now
in this tiny waste pail.

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