All I Find Now

All I find now
here in this abode
is acidic in tone
my home corrodes.
Far from me
and in despair less
my hope in love
found saddness.
In the night sky
I look up so far see
I the mystery up
above all trees.
The words spoken
the passing ends
of sentences bends
my remarks rescind.
Dear we’re broken
hurt now do words
in the belly I feel
not but the absurd.
The sad mystery
I try unwind find
not the moment fed
to recesses a mind.
Above the line sings
in the upper troupe
a group of singers who
don’t spy a rope.
See I seethe the bleed
seems a seep I need
the steed of the creed
known as my belief.
Ride I will into valleys,
the streets the alleys,
where this stooper goes
forward upon tender toes.
My nature can be
a tad erratic found soon
is a sad moon my sage
of fire starts at noon.
The words I take back
I will keep for me.
Back comes all I ever
wanted to be. 

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