Me In Some Disease


Hello my number it has
been called by the Reaper.
Still the Lord holds me
on this heap a keeper.
Death surrounds cough
I do from all the clouds.
My lungs function broken;
I got a mind that shrouds.
What is this mist it’s called
I’ve forgotten its name?
With death looking at me
sane I shall not remain.
The doctors so wise call
what I have unknown.
Judgement rape my mind
until it I condone.
Speak of the visage of
a God or his hand death
and you will find as I
you have wasted breath.
My face is hidden in my
uncertainty I specific leave
untold my state do not make
up me in some disease.
The logic of a membrane
feast upon me to contort
the truth for your comfort
I’ll be the confused sort.

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