This mirage says I’m simple
and I agree I’m a bit confused;
you say sweet words my love
what beautiful words fused.

I am in a trance but you came
in clear and I do pick small
words and I know I am cruel
to all creatures small and tall.

The angst is a burden yes I
have broken dreams ashore.
The angst is everywhere but
with it with you I adore.

What I love what I care for
is this inquisitive eye adore
I do you to give me the floor;
you bringing eyes once more.

My dear I can’t fall away far
though I do slip and usurp
the authority of those I love
for my own perceived worth.

My pride absent I give cause
to place you in my charge;
after all of my ice thaws
I find in me I am a mirage. 

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