Amidst These Trees


In the deep of the forest,
shrouded in mystery grief
hides an eye sly of doom
withering in its own leaf.

The dark it tries consume
a mind that inquires weary.
Deep in the trees I am lost
from all that which I query.

Stolen the devil he hides
my desire and carries fear
that he explains loquacious
of all that I hold so dear.

Everything returns to her,
this earth that stabs us raw,
we all kill her health dead
and pretend it we never saw.

Mystery is it is no mystery
that I complicate with notions
of misery and hurt that life is
full of my head’s commotion.

I’m not sharp on some days
and focus off I travel deep
into the trees of confusion so
I am void of rest and sleep.

My father do I make you proud?
My mother have I failed you?
My sister have I fallen enough
in chasms you once knew?

The earth it has pierced me,
my side and I am in such pain.
I hear the voices of all I love
and question if I remain sane.

This forest has me collapsing
calling me to not see the line;
the trail that leads me victory
to my life leaving fear behind.

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